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If you were a full course meal what would you be?

salad: broccoli
meat: prime rib
dessert: cheesecake

and what complimentary beverage would you be?
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"By the numbers"
a. When you are making a list, do you use numbers or letters?  If numbers, periods or close-parenthesis?
apparently it depends on the list... when I was in school I used letters

b. How many pair of shoes do you have in your closet?
Seven, and not one of them less than a year old.  I guess it's time for shoe shopping!

c. How many cars have you had?  Six, but a couple of them were hobby cars that I never finished.

d. What was your favorite age and why?  18 meant freedom, college, road trips, and girls girls girls

e. Do you think that pirating movies to save money is stealing?  Not if you don't do it to make money/ don't distribute copies.

f. Whenever I wake up __________________ and say a little prayer for youuuuuuuuu.  I grab a slice of cold pizza
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If you are friended to my journal and not the community as well, you're missing out on 90% of my content.
Go join <lj user="saturday_6">!  Now!

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My apologies for being absent last week.  I need some question suggestions! 

1. Describe how you learned to ride a bike.
2. How do you feel about bicyclists now?
3. Do you have any other small "vehicles" aside from a car that you use to get around?
4. What was your first romantic "experience" in a car?
5. Ever taken a bus or cab?  When/where?
6. Ever take the subway?  Where?

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1. Do you pay off your entire credit card bill every month, the minimum, less than the minimum, or somewhere between the minimum and the whole thing?

2. Do you think every parent truly believes their child is the most attractive and brilliant kid on earth?

3. What do you use for a calendar (paper calendar, blackberry, etc)?

4. What is your favorite beat-all quote from a movie?

5. If someone were to shake you out of frustration, because you were missing some very big and obvious point, what would it be?

6. What is the charity you support the most, and why did you choose that one?


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